Eat The Dutch Weed Burger Like You Give A Damn

When you are hearing the name for the first time, you wanna Immediately want to know more; The Dutch Weed Burger. Yes it’s made of dutch weed. Seaweed.

Food can be one of the easiest ways to vote. By choosing a healthy product for your own body, you often choose for a healthy environment. The Dutch Weed Burger is a great example of this vote.

Everyday I make the choice about what I want to eat. Today, I try to choose more and more aware of locally produced and grown food. So I can exclude at least the really polluting food rule by minimizing the food miles between my plate and production. I am also eating more non animal foods. So less methane is destructing the earth. I understand when you eat a hamburger more than 2400 liters of water consumption by the cow where the burger made this drink it. Rather I am a little longer in the shower and I give a little more attention to my choice.

The Dutch Weed Burger is such a deliberate and outright winner. With the feeling of the sea in the mouth and juicy bite it’s the perfect choice for all conscious eaters. This citizen is completely vegan. Completely without meat and animal products the ideal snack for the fries. Livelong eat weed.

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