We are the boyswithbeards, a group of 4 boys who do what they like; Creating cool stuff. By using our skills in motion, design and web development we try to create all kind of multimedia projects.

On our website we place the little things in life in a spotlight. Besides to share our thoughts with you, we are developing projects around the things we like to make. This are multimedia including film, motion graphics graphic design and webdevelopment.

David Arntz: A big mastermind who is constantly developing original concepts and transform this in astonishing graphic designs, photo’s and film.

Thomas Ansems: Thomas means brother. A brother he is.
He surprise you with new experiences by combining interactivity and animation on the web. Poker is what he plays in his spare time. Web Design, Web Developing and playing the good guy is what he does.

Mathijs Luijten:  His name means gift. He is certainly a gift. He enriches the world with movement. Movement in film, music and animation.Enjoying does he by singing and playing music on his guitar. Mathijs is a videoartist, makes motion graphics, films and edits moving image.

Ridwan Nasruddin: His name is coming from the gatekeeper of the paradise. On a beautiful way telling story’s is what he’s doing. He is listening to music that almost nobody else knows and watches films that reflect life. Continue searching for new stuff. Asks what’s next? Script writing, film directing and editing is what he does.

info@boyswithbeards.net | facebooklinkedin | +31 (0)6 195 339 06

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