How To Make It In America

Entrepreneurship is having courage. In How to Make It in America we are following two boys with a small idea, trying to change the world. Usually entrepreneurship not about the amount of money. It often is about the idea that people can bring their own idea to implementation.

In this series, we see the struggle of entrepreneurship. Business is overcome obstacles, have setbacks and go on. Ben and Cam are all experiencing on their rise to fame. They try to create their own pants called “Crisp”. It is one of the few series that shows exactly what is going through an entrepreneur when he starts doing business. Anything you do not expect you’ll encounter. Everything you expect you will not encounter. Each episode lasts less than half an hour and there have been only two seasons.

Perhaps the content of the series is too close to reality and found it not worth looking at How To Make It in America. Still, I recommend every (potential) entrepreneur to see those 2 seasons well and enjoy having courage.

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