L8music. The first entertainment organization that we ever filmed. It opened many doors for us. The people that made Oss a living city again, by organizing illegal party’s and introduced cool free give away’s.

Vice. A cool free magazine we like.

MENA400. An event organized by Bridgizz that introduces the western business people to the opportunities in Middle East and North African countries.

Bridgizz. A company that organizes a lot of shit.

SintLucas. This is our school. And since we started boyswithbeards the school tries to help us. And we help back the school.

snor{media. there goal is making the internet look just a bit better. An Amsterdam based online magazine where we publish the serie Bagels for Breakfast.

Tikken | Klikken | Printen A graphic designer, a web designer, a photographer and somebody who knows allot about press and print have found each other.