We Are Ready To Inspire

From 9 till 11 december 2012 the Ready to inspire in Leiden took place. We were asked to report this conference about craftmanship on the web so with our crew we went to Leiden and covered the day.

The conference organized by Robert Eerhart asked speakers from all over the world to talk about their interests and craftmanship in front of 450 webdevelopers, webdesigners and other interested people from the internet world.

Brad Frost, Shelly Bowen, Cindy Chastain, Chris Shiflett, Derek Featherstone, Tim Brown, Simon Collison and Jeffrey Zeldman gave us their knowledge about how the world is evolving and told us which ways we can take into the future of webdesign.

You can see all the talks at the channel of whoooz webmedia but before that enjoy our recap video of the conference above.

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