Addicted To Breaking Bad

Last month I got addicted to a serie; Breaking bad created by Vince Galligan. Vince Galligan is telling the story about Walter White a science techer who got cancer. He starts cooking crystal meth earn some money for his family when he isn’t here anymore.

Sometimes you get addicted to a serie because you need to know how it’s all going to end. This serie will get you addicted to the beautiful cinematography from Michael Slovis. He knows what kind of image fits when jessie (the help of the big methamphetamine cook) is using heroin for the first time. Besides the storylines and the cinematography, the music is also carefully chosen so every feeling from the screen gets in into your ears.

Breaking Bad is all about the Meth heads, Point of View shots, timelapses and the extremely well written story about a science teacher who is getting a Crystal Meth manufacturer.

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