What If

Since this is a website dedicated for bringing visual artists together i figured why not promote this piece of work.

Rio Kuro, and me made a short music video for his end project last summer. It’s about the battle between copyleft and copywright. It was inspired by an awesome documentary called RIP: A Remix Manifesto wich is all about the subject, and Paris Hilton for some reason. The movie was shot at the Hilvarenbeek studio and as you can see in the pictures below, it was a huge white room without corner. Because of this the echo is tremendous and every sound continues for like 4 seconds. We were deaf at the end of the day but it’s a great place for shooting surrealistic scenes or something with a stylish white backdrop.

My brother was writer, director and special effects supervisor. The awesome drum’n’bass soundtrack was made by Sjoerd Albert and i was director of photography and in charge of the B-roll.

Vincent Kierkels

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