From Bishop With Love.

from bishop with love

Yea, lets make ourselves a real ghetto-gangster movie with (lets make it a nice post) ‘black-people’ who love to bone some overweight big ebony asses, while listening to some real gangster rap in some crappy little house. This idea for a movie just jumped right into my head and I was like, DUDEEE, AWESOME DUDE! I have to write a script and I have to right it now!

While I was driving home, I was starting to make up some characters for my epic movie about insane horny crack dealing black people on steroids. I started with the head character, a rookie pimp called Bishop Don T. Love who needs to gather (I promised a nice post) ‘very nice legal woman who like to make money with there..female…uhmmm’ F*CK IT! HE NEEDS WHORES! He starts out with his sister who wants to be his first employee. And she has some friends who volunteer to help Bishop Don T. Love in is quest for Whores. There was only one problem. I needed real ghetto booty diva names for these whores. So I went online for some ghetto name exploring. I stumbled across this site: and there is like a gazillion names witch are really hardcore ghetto. BUT I JUST CANT DECIDE!! So I’m asking you here with all the love in my heart. Help this new-born movie director making his dream come true, and please make your Top 3 from the most, realest, hardest, craziest, ghetto-booty-diva names! So I can name Bishop Don T. Love’s whores!

Movie name: From Bishop with love.

Él Retardo

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