Don’t Do Dubs

If there’s one thing in the animation business that brings my piss to a boil it’s bad dubbing.

I remember that one morning, 10 years ago, there was a commercial announcement on Cartoon Network with some weird robot thingy. He said that ‘soon’ all your favorite cartoons would no longer be English, but dutch.

At first, me and my fellow youngsters were thrilled obviously. “Now CN could be just like Foxkids and no more stupid reading!” But after a few months of horribly stupid voices for our Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy, Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Lab all voiced by the same stupid 6 actors, we learned that we weren’t learning anymore.

Because cartoons, movies and there subtitles are the very best way to learn English when you’re a toddler. It’s how I learned most of my English. Not only that but eventually we were anxious to get our original voices back. English is fááááár cooler then Dutch. It basically ruined great shows like Samurai Jack, Life with Louie and Cow and Chicken.

I’m thankful for the shows that remained English. Can you imagine Dragonball Z in Dutch? “Krillin! Kijk uit! Prins Vegeta doet zijn knoflook geweer!” Vegeta had an attack called the garlic gun, look it up.

Bottem line. Stop waisting time and money with making kids dumber!

Vincent Kierkels

4 replies on “Don’t Do Dubs

  • Max

    I hate it when they have this perfect cartoon with all those expensive and famous actors voice overing it and they try to voice over this in dutch. It never works

  • él Retardo

    Asian Kung-fu movies that are dubbed english.. early this week there was a really awsome movie on the télé. (i’ve already seen it a dozen times but who cares) Kung-fu Hustle, is really awesome. but ‘RTL7’ thought it was really asian like to fucking dub it in to some english bullshit. I couldnt sleep from tears that night.

  • Dany

    English dubs are horrible aswell but i guess far better than dutch dubs 😀
    When I watch any english cartoon or w/e it always reminds me of no diversity in english language.
    If just everyone would understand german earth would be a better place.

  • Robert

    Very much agreed, nowadays everything is dubbed, and everything sucks. Gladly my memory of the cartoons as a kid, is enough for me.

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