Past, Present, Future

In the future everything becomes easier, less doors to open. What you do now in a day, later you do in a jiffy. Are we now living in the past or already living in the future?
We are living between the two. Now is the moment. The moment what later will be a memory where we have build our future. An experience, learned and know what it was. What kind of influence we have got? We want to know the future. future is the new past.

We have to know the past to make the future. Do we need to keep the whole time looking in the future? We don’t know the future. If we stay living with what we have we know what we need to expect. If we want to stay developing this will be not be known. All we can say about the future is theory. Wild thoughts.

3 replies on “Past, Present, Future

  • Robert

    That makes you contemplate about life.
    I feel so small, nothing I’m going to do will make any difference.

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