I Have This Problem

Ronald Mac Donald Facial Hair

The other day I was in the MacDonalds and I ordered a happy meal. Never had a happy meal as tasty as this one. It was gooood! The smell was perfect. It smelled like the most absolute balance of cows and potatoes coming right out of the fry. Damn tasty it was. But thats not all. I got the goody I wanted! A big bag of facial hair. I rushed back to my mother to show her the gift I got from Ronald the yellow gay clown. We got back home, and i tried my new facial hair on. I was like, thats hawt (..Paris Hilton)! That night I took my facial hair of, and got off to bed. The next mornig when I woke up it was gone! I bet my mother took it. And what ” the big letter F ” did she do with it? I couldn’t find it anywhere. This sucks big time. Can anybody help me? I need my facial hair back to get all the pretty girls in school. They like me better with facial hair! I need to score Shaniqua. She’s the hottest girl in preschool. And she only likes boys with facial hair.

Help me god!! Or maybe you can help me? You the commenters on boyswithbeards. 😉

6 replies on “I Have This Problem

  • Roy

    As far as I know Mo’nique is way hotter than Shaniqua, plus she falls for the eyebrows (you know, like the eyebrows of the yellow banana guy in sesame street) and let those eyebrows accidantally be this week’s happymeal toy! But you’ve got to be fast, as off next week they have these toy story figures again, BORING. So far my advise for you..

    She’nay’nay is hawt too,

    do you know what I am saying

  • max

    I know what you are saying roy.

    And i think that Shaniqua is the only gurl for me. See how I spell girl. Like a nigger does. Gurl. Thats how much i need Shaniqua.

  • Robert

    I fucking hate clowns.
    Oh but, on topic, I’d go with KFC, Max. They don’t have toys, but are you telling me you can’t get to a girls heart with a bucket of delicious deepfried viciously murdered chicken?

  • él Retardo

    You guys, what is wrong with you..? Come on.. i mean fuck shaniqua and mo’nique.

    Get yourself some real overweight ebony booty and try to score some real hardcore ass from Tyquandria

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