Boiler Room Knows What You Did Last Night

There are people who are going to club to be seen. Boiler Room makes good use of this fact by recording the artist with an invite-only audience in mostly private locations.

In 2006 Time magazine’s person of the year was “You”. In 2014 the person of the year it’s “You” and us. Maybe this is always the case because of the human habit to stand out as an individual and be part of a group. Boiler Room combines these human habits by showing you and us in a place where you want to be seen. Full frontal dancing on a few meters distance from your hero in the middle of the new music scene.

One of those individuals has created this blog to show the most fascinating moments in .GIF images of Boiler Room intimate live music sessions. Identify, laugh and wonder in the world of live performances:

Finally a big shout-out to the founder of Boiler Room; Blaise Belville and of course the many artists which we discovered through Boiler Room.

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