We Listen To Broke For Free

This is the last day of 2014. We don’t gonna annoy you with lists and ‘best of 2014’ stuff. We want you to introduce you to Tom Cascino aka Broke for free.

The music of Broke for free is a combination of hiphop beats and electronic glitches with a lot of analog references. He already made over 50 tracks in 3 years and guess what? It’s all for free. You can choose to donate and his music is released with a creative commons license. Constantly creating is what Tom Cascino does and this passion for creating is exactly what comes back to you of his music.

So what’s going to bring Broke for Free in the future? His ‘Petal’ album drops in early 2014 and this is one of the tracks from the new album:

And if you think he’s really worth to buy his music, listen first and buy his music at brokeforfree.com Enjoy the last moments of 2013!

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