The Most Gore Paul Verhoeven Moments

The year 2013 is almost finished. 2014 is coming up. So what are we working on? We are working for almost half a year on our first expo/party R-rated Memories.

We asked 25 illustrators from all over the world to bring a tribute to cult-icon and Dutch film director Paul Verhoeven. Paul Verhoeven directed the films Starship Troopers, Basic Instinct, Robocop, Turks Fruit and Showgirls. We asked the illustrators to get inspired by the movies and create their art.

On the 11th of january 2014 we are going to open the R-rated memories expo with music from Setisound, MikeyNice and Stijn Sadée at Amsterdam Roest. We also got inspired by the movies of Paul Verhoeven and made this mashup with the most gore movie moments of Paul Verhoeven. So let’s get disgusted and watch this good old fashioned gore and violence!

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