Just Got Failed

Today, it was my wedding day. Everything went great, except that no one showed up. Apparently, the address of the invitation was typed wrong. FML

Things that really happened you can vote for I agree, your life sucks or you totally deserved it. At FML there are thousands of these situations.

We love it. Laugh at other people’s mistakes. It started all with pleasant funniest home videos. Now we have break and failblog with all the funny videos that others have made mistakes and hurt themselves. Facebookfails provide your laugh of what happened on facebook. Yeah and of course damnyouautocorrect.com which is testing the iPhone autocorrect. Malicious pleasure is the best entertainment. You like to laugh at others if you are not involved. Actually watching and reading about people is not only becase the failed but also at the situation because they are most of the time very recognizable.

Fails; You watch and read them to feel yourself better than other people.

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