Case: Dutch Design Week X SintLucas

On the 27th of October SintLu

cas wanted to present theirself on the Dutch Design Week in The building, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

We made the concept and realized the project.

The school for creatives has many people who want to know what’s happening. The only problem; they are not all in one network. Because of that we pointed the whole project on the facebook of SintLucas. Through stickers with QR-codes on people can visit the facebook and ‘like’ SintLucas. On the Dutch Design Week we hang some posters with the QR-code. And in The Building was standing a screen where people also can go ‘like’ SintLucas. The SintLucas community wall. On this wall people can see which people already liked SintLucas and also join SintLucas.

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