Marty West #1 Binge Drinker

marty west number one binge drinker

This is the number one binge drinker in the world and his name is Marty West. When we heard that he was staying here in the Netherlands, we immediately took the cameras from our camera drawer. That’s the second cupboard on the left in the kitchen.

Who says binge drinking is bad for you. Marty has become very successful because of it. Check out his crib!

When we called Marty to ask if we could post the video on our website, he said:

“YES! finally one of my life goals has been achieved. boyswithbeards have finally posted a short film about me. The life in the fast lane has finally paid off. This is a story about me, Marty West, living the life that everybody wants to live! So relax, dim the lights, set your chair back, grab a beer and enjoy the next 2 minutes of your life!”

Marty zit ook op facebook.

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