Two Blue Eyes

Blue eyes

My eyes just have met them; two other eyes. Blue. From a girl with blond hair and a piercing in her nose. Clean. She looks to her phone. I look outside through the window of the metro. When I look back, our eyes meet again. I look outside again, she watches her phone. She looks back, her eyes are curious. My left eye blinks. The corners of her mouth are going up. She looks back to her phone.

I’m still watching her. Her head goes up and is turning to mine. But she’s too far to say something. We don’t have to say anything. Our eyes are talking. The metro stops and I have to get out at this station. I’m walking to the exit, passing her. She smiles, I’m smiling back. I’m walking to the exit of the metro. She’s still watching me leaving when I’m looking back. We smile to each other again.

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