Max In Bulgaria

Here were some things I liked.
And some things I disliked.

For starters I hated:
The name Sunny beach. Its just as fake as the people who live there. Its the place where half naked girls, chew bubblegum, stand next to a punchingbag and yell at buff steroid using over-tanned fags. Perhaps the winner can get a 50cl Jack Daniels bottle. Lots of rednecks on growth hormones who want to join this typical alpha male behavior. Trying to get some ass.
It pains me to see that where ever you try to eat, the Bulgarian food is hard to find. Its steak steak steak steak pizza steak. Sunny Beach, Walking over the boulavard. Looking at nice restraunts and happy people having fun and enjoying themselves. Aint’ gonna happen. Every time we walk even in the direction of the boulevard, these flyer boys come out and stuff every hole in our bodies with their great offers, you cant believe. Personal advertising is tha bomb, I know. But dont flood the streets with incompetent retards who are there to annoy people.
Our hotel is the most lame hotel ever. Just because you clean the entrance of the hotel. Doesn’t mean the hotel is clean. And there are supposed to be chefs in the kitchen. Not criminals on parol.
And if you want to start your own bar. Do it in Sunny Beach, because all you need are a few hot girls in bikini, a radio, and a cd with the next best summer hit ( this summer it was “We no speak Americano” ) wich you will then play on repeat.

I loved:
Drunk Danish girls.

Thats about it!

Well if you’ve been to Bulgaria or some other fucked up country, maybe you can comment on this post if i missed something. Or maybe you just want to tell how your vacation was?

We will notify you about us not giving a shit about your opinion and your vacation.

Thank you

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