You Will Never Believe What Two Guys Did To Become King Corn

Raising obese animals. Hamburger is mad from corn fed beef. America wants and demands cheap food. Because grass-fed beef is more expensive they turned to corn to feed the cows. Corn sirup is in a lot of our food.

The corn is originally a high protein thing. It has transformed into a sugar bomb to make it a more productive piece of vegetable.Beverages are sweetened by corn. Like soda and beer. Soda has become liquid candy. These things lead to obesity and diabetes. We don’t think about what we are putting in our system. When you are eating your fastfood meal. the fries are fried in fat with corn in it. Your soda is sweetened with corn and the beef is grown by eating corn. The corn can’t be eaten by the corn farmer himself. A corner farmer is growing corn to sell it. It’s America’s best kept secret.

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