Be A Vegetarian

After watching a lot of environmental documentaries, reading and talking with people who care, I started to eat less meat.

Eating less meat is not only because I try to take better care for the world but also a chance to vote. Election after election we try to vote for a better world. Every time people have voted for one person or party a part of the people will disagree with the outcome of the voting. One thing we all can agree on, is our instinct to survive. Because everyone in the world is eating a lot of meat these days also the production of meat has increased a lot. This creates a lot of pollution and threatens the existence of mankind. That’s why the easiest way to vote for yourself and your environment is to eat less meat.

It’s hard to explain this to someone who’s not aware of this yet. GlossyRey perfectly told the story about what happens when you are becoming a vegetarian. Be a Vegetarian.

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