Mixed Tapes Selected By Woodkid

Sometimes we are just lucky. This time we hadthe opportunity to film one of our heroes Ciaran Woods from Strangelove asked us to film the interview with Woodkid about his mixtape he made for mixed-tapes.nl.

Woodkid is one of the biggest multidisciplineair artists of this moment. Yoann Lemoine is ts his real name. He made videoclips for all those big commercial artists and said no to directing the videoclips of Madonna and the Rolling Stones. He studied illustration and worked togehter with Luc Besson. Now he’s calling himself Woodkid. He direct his own videos and composes his own beautiful music. He just released his debut album called The Golden Age.

This guy is doing what so many try to do. You can watch the whole interview over here. Below the playlist he’s talking about fully selected by Woodkid himself.

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