The Slaves Of Django Unchained

Slavery, a topic where not much people know something about. Like the usa only has a history of 100 years. Yeah sure.

The usa is some strange country. The murdered almost all indians (native americans) and at the same time they imported african people to work for them. Black slaves treated like not-human-beings to work for peanuts.

Because the slave history of the usa is not something to be proud of, there are a very few films about slavery. Quentin Tarantino is one of the directors who dares to make a film around such a controversial topic.

In Django Unchained we explore the world of slavery. We follow the life of Django. A slave who gets unchained and transforms in a bounty hunter. This is the kind of history lesson I always longed for. Thanks Quentin for this great alternative history lesson.

And remember: The D is silent.

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