Volendam X Zeemeermin In Tomatensaus

For the promotion of the illustrated book Zeemeermin in Tomatensaus written by Allard Krijger we let some tourists from china, india, japan and our home country reading a few sentences from the book when they were visiting the fishing village Volendam.

Volendam, the village known for their traditional fisherman and the of course the typical dutch “Paling Sound” made by the Jan Smit, Nick & Simon and BZN we now recorded tourists who are reading the book Zeemeermin in Tomatensaus.

Zeemeermin in Tomatensaus tells the story about a young guy named Feut who is going to be a big fisherman, but before he’s going to be a big fisherman he needs to fuck a mermaid.

How this story is going to end, you need to read by yourself. You can order the book over at http://tomatensa.us/

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