The Very Best Of Tilt-shift

The tilt-shift technique stays always interesting. Nowadays it’s a technique which is used a lot for photo and video.

It all begin with tilt-shift photography. And in 2006 there was Thom Yorke who introduced us to tilt-shift with his musicvideo for “Harrowdown”. After this happened a lot of video artist also began to use the miniature effect.

Now you got a lot of tilt-shift videos like the Rear window timelapse, Little Big Berlin, Coachella festival, High on London, Monstertruck Rally, Beached, Sandpit, Bathtub V, Hajj … A Journey of Purity and Toy Thailand.

Thanks to Keith Loutit who directed “The Lion City” we also get a miniature view on Singapore. With a very nice sound design by Sepia productions, he gives us a new perspective on the tilt-shift technique.

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