Thumbs Up And Start Hitchhiking

We discover new places by hitchhiking. With hitchicking you can see the whole world and meet a lot of new people. To sleep and travel for free there is

Why not use the empty back seat? Yes, let’s use it. They call it hitchhiking. Standing besides the road and a sign in your hand with the name of the place where you want to go. Here you can read about how to hitchhike:

If you are going to hitchhike, is to do it with with a good friend. The combination of a boy and a girl works the best. If you don’t got a girl, hitchhike with a boy. This works but only takes a bit longer.

If you want to hitchhike, always start with a gas station on the road you want to go.
To find hitchhike hotspot, you can search on this website. At this website is a map of the experiences and tips on that particular spot.

At the gasstation you can start to ask everyone with a car, truck or bus where they are going and maybe you can drive with them. So thumbs up!

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