S.A.R.M.inc. X Truckrave X Amsterdam

Because we love music on unusual locations we often visit illegal raves. This time we went to a Truckrave far outside Amsterdam next to some big windmills where they played some nice Techno and electro music .

To knew where the party took place we needed to call a phone number where someone told us where exactly we needed to be. So we went with a map in the hand which led us the right way. When we heard the music we parked our bike and walked into a big dark bush. In the dark bush a large crowd was already enjoying Henzel & Disco Nova, Harde Baas, Paul Laurens, Dante & Sep, Kernkraft and NT89. All performing in three trucks in front of us.

Our compliments to the guys from S.A.R.M.inc. To ensure we will never forget this great rave, we made a rave report. Thanks!

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