The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

The world is one big playground where people are big bosses and uses the world as their own big sandbox. Some people are in groups other people are alone. Some people build big sandcastles others are just digging as deep as they can. Some are securing the sandcastles of others. Some are throwing with big balls of sand at them.

Marketing is to way to make all this sandbox building logical. You can’t say no to marketing. Advertising is everywhere. Some people are against advertising but they can’t avoid all the “buy this, because I’m the most interesting”. The well known fact we see more than 3000 ads a day over, and over more than 1 million ads a year can’t do us nothing.

Morgan Spurlock is the guy who let us see this big sandbox we’ve always known but not totally understanded. We follow him on his trip through the advertising agencies and the big moneymakers He’s creating the greatest movie ever sold.

Remember he’s not selling out, He’s buying in.
The quicksand is never far away.

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