The Revenge Of The Cure For Cancer

The day begins with breakfast. Just a little snack in the afternoon and evening also eat something easy. Food is everywhere. It is still a basic need but the value has decreased and no more than a part of your day like waking up. You are what you eat. This is true.

If you have a bad eating habit, you often have more diseases and you feel bad. When you eat, and uses a eat beat also note the amount is quite an improvement. If you want to destroy humanity is the best to not eat natural foods and drink only chemical drinks we usually call lemonade.

Cancer is one of those nasty diseases caused by this food and chemicals we call drugs me. 100 years ago this was a meaningless disease but now it is the order of the day that another person has died from cancer. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates once said.If you really want to eat you grow your own fruit and vegetables at home is not modified and you have your farm, a number of cows and chickens running around. Islamic people call this halal. Currently the food industry and pharmaceutical industry is so great that someone can buy anywhere.

Now there’s the one who gives the solution: Food Matters. After this documentary it’s obvious that food does matter.

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