Inside The Oscars

Which movies I have to see? Which ones are the best? To know this you can watch the oscars. Films rewarded with awards to make more money and getting more promotion for films. The academy awards also named the oscars are one of the largest award ceremony’s for best films of the past year.

Of course there is one film which takes all awards back home. Not much more than a preconceived game where it’s more just to earn money for the film. I’d rather look like the best documentary of the year. “Gasland”, “Waste land”, “Exit through the gift shop” and “The Inside Job” were the nominees for this year. “Gasland” is the shocking documentary about the cool fact of getting burning water out of your faucet, what the Americans normally in other distant countries do, they now do to themselve in “Gasland”. “Waste Land” is the one about art and carbage.

Then there’s the documentary (or not?) about streetart and many more made by Banksy called “Exit through the gift shop”. After all this is the winning documentary called “The Inside Job” on the great hoax we call Wall street. Really worth watching if you want to know that men in suits also go to the prostitutes and sniff cocaine.

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