We Live In Public

The zoo we watch elephants, monkeys, giraffes. You look at them, they see you. Watching monkeys is one of your favorites. A monkey see scratch his ass is one of the favorites.

Imagine the perspective of the monkey. What do I think about the people watching me? All the annoying people around me all the time ruin his view. This happens constantly. Now all people are monkeys. Now and then you come out of your cage and say hello to the other. Replace the cage for your computer. Your hello is now on the Internet. Just sometimes you see each other in real life. Now look at those people who are about to view and laugh about the scraching your ass. You’re the host of your own life. Present your life on the Internet. Publish and present your life by showing and describing everything around you.

In the documentary directed by Ondi Timoner on the Internet pioneer greatest you’ve never heard of with Josh Harris in the leading role. He was the one who saw how the world is developing before other people knowing what he knows about the future. In the future we will continuous observing each other by all kinds of media. Big Brother is your friend. We live in Public.

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