Paint marathon 5/6/7 January

05 Jan

The upcoming days me and my cousin Tim are going to paint my wall (12m width x 3m height) in Eindhoven. And it isn’t the first time we’re going to paint a wall…

It all started when Tim and I where 2 little kids who where  font of Pokemon. Every time we where together we’d endlessly draw self created poke-monsters.

After our pokemon fixation we kept illustrating. When Tim moved to his current house we made our first wall drawing there;


tim's wall

After doing nothing for 1 year, I moved to Amsterdam and figured the wall was way to empty. So there we had our second project;


wall amsterdam

Now we are here. Another wall, another project. But this time we will be posting all the progress here so that all of you can experience the “huge journey we are about to make”. To be continued

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