Former Bingedrinker Marty West turned Oligarch

Former Bingedrinker Marty West has made more than $1m as a oligarch – and has no problem to show off his extraordinary life. Read more…

5 Mar

The secret success of La La Land

I always bored myself to dead on musicals. Musical movies I watched mostly without any joy. After I heard so many good critics and publicity, I gave the musical movie la la land a try. Read more…

2 Feb

Everybody Wants to be Poppy

I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy. I am Poppy. I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy. I am Poppy. I’m Poppy. I’m Poppy. Read more…

28 Jan

Power to the people, stick it to the man

Sometimes it feels like we’ve grown together with concrete and begin to behave controlled by our inventions instead we are controlling our inventions. What happens if you are just living in collaboration with nature? Then you become Captain Fantastic. Read more…

26 Jan

Makeba, makes my body dance for you

Once a while you stumble upon a suprising beat and fresh new video. This time I found Jain and her track Makeba. Read more…

5 Jan

You will never believe what two guys did to become King Corn

Raising obese animals. Hamburger is mad from corn fed beef. America wants and demands cheap food. Because grass-fed beef is more expensive they turned to corn to feed the cows. Corn sirup is in a lot of our food. Read more…

29 Nov

What the government doesn’t want you to know about The Culture High

Legalizing a plant. It is hard to believe that the plant has become ever banned. It has healing powers and is a very strong material. Now the plant is increasingly accepted around the world.

In The Culture High are the people speaking who bring change to the word and provide insight into how we got here. They also show how this will change again. If you’re not stoned, you can follow the best. After this maybe it’s time to get high and enjoy the cannabis.

“Do not worry ’bout a thing …’ Cause every little thing gonna be all right”

23 Nov

Honest Trailers takes on your favourite movies

In a world where trailers are used to attract people to see a certain movie. Honest trailers are commenting the same movies they are promoting. Read more…

21 Nov

Want to make a difference and be a No Impact Man?

The No Impact Project uses entertainment, education and group action to engage new people in the quest for ways of living that connect individual happiness with service to community and habitat. Read more…

19 Nov