Secrets of Silicon Valley


I’m a techie. What does this mean? Read­ing every­day blogs about tech­nol­ogy, stay close to new inven­tions and Watch a lot of movies about the tech future. Because every story of today is a story about tech­nol­ogy. Recently I binge­watched the Sil­i­con Val­ley series. A show about the tech startup scene in the heart of the mod­ern era. The serie ‘Sil­i­con Val­ley’ is cre­ated by Mike Judge. He has writ­ten a lot for tv and was in his early days a techie him­self. As a tech­hie with great inter­est in the startup scene I enjoyed the way how a bunge of nerds are enter­ing this scene. There’s a lot to recog­nise and explore in te world of tech.

In the high-tech gold rush of mod­ern Sil­i­con Val­ley, the peo­ple most qual­i­fied to suc­ceed are the least capa­ble of han­dling success.

24 Sep

The moment skating gives you new insights


Sum­mer means out­side. Out­side means enjoy­ing the sun. How I enjoy the sun the most? Play­ing nature with your body by skat­ing. Read more…

7 Sep

Comet: When love makes no sense


The well-written film “Comet” shows how the doubt of love can lead to self-destruction. Read more…

4 Sep

A view from the Watchtower of Turkey


It’s vaca­tion time for the most peo­ple around us. The few weeks where we work our ass of all year. Read more…

27 Jul

Better Call Saul


After Break­ing Bad was fin­ished, Vince Gilli­gan (the ceator of the awe­some tv series) started to develop a pre­quel with one of the char­ac­ters; Saul Good­man. Read more…

23 Feb

Part of the Weekend Never Dies


For every­one means DJ means some­thing dif­fer­ent. There is still some­thing to dis­cover in his­tory. This time I came across this doc­u­men­tary made of the two broth­ers behind Soul­wax and 2manydj’s.

The two broth­ers are the big force behind these awe­some music. They are a DJ gift to the world with beau­ti­ful raw elec­tro music. Rock­ing in the free world or snare beats and wild woman. The doc­u­men­tary gives us a funny view into the life of these great artists.

31 Dec

Predestination; To save the future he must reshape the past


What hap­pens when you already know the future? It’s a ques­tion which they answer in Pre­des­ti­na­tion. Read more…

30 Dec

Boiler room knows what you did last night


There are peo­ple who are going to club to be seen. Boiler Room makes good use of this fact by record­ing the artist with an invite-only audi­ence in mostly pri­vate loca­tions. Read more…

5 Dec

Kids; If you want to be happy, don’t think


A film feel­ing like a doc­u­men­tary is the ulti­mate goal for a good story. Larry Clark did this with the film Kids. Read more…

3 Dec