Skip The Rope

26 May

If you like something you say “I like“. If you love something you make a photo or video. Previously you pasted these pictures in a photobook. If you have created any video’s you post them online. Director Tom Willems used this concept for the new clip of Das Pop.

The Belgian band Das Pop have their performance from the track “Skip The Rope” recorded by their fans and mixed together in a real chaotic clip. You can also create your own Skip The Rope clip with the interactive Das Pop videomixer. The whole album “The Game” you can listen over here.

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  1. i Like/Love

  2. oooh I got an even cooler idea:

    lots of people standing from a fixed position & angle.

    then you can switch through the different camera’s, as if you were there yourself

    combine this with the google-streetview software, and you can perhaps create a 3D-environment you can walk trough, while the band is playing!!

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