The future is history x 12 Monkeys


Are crazy peo­ple, really crazy? Some peo­ple trust on them, oth­ers don’t. Read more…

26 Jun

Power the portrait


We are always using a fil­ter to watch through some­thing. In the music video from Rivver this out­side view vision is pho­tographed. Read more…

17 Jun

One Taste Is All It Takes


Choco­lat takes us on a trip to a small vil­lage with Juli­ette Binoche and Johnny Depp. Read more…

16 Jun

How to do visual comedy


If you love visual com­edy, you gotta love Edgar Wright, one of the few film­mak­ers who is con­sis­tently find­ing humor through fram­ing, cam­era move­ment, edit­ing, goofy sound effects and music.

Where other direc­tors of comedy’s have a lack of visual com­edy, Edgar Wright does it right. In this video Tony Zhou is explain­ing the way How to Do Visual Com­edy. If you want to see visual com­edy at work, watch te movies Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End and Scott Pil­grim vs. the World directed by Edgar Wright.

So if you want to make com­edy, please use the things which are funny when you watch at some­thing and let us laugh with our whole body.

13 Jun

This is a generic brand video


Daily we are over­loaded with videos. If you would cat­e­gorize those videos, you will dis­cover some for­mu­las. Read more…

12 Jun

The story of a nobody who saved everybody


The Lego Movie is the film you all ever wanted to see in a film about Lego. Read more…

11 Jun

The Art of the Steal


Art is the new gold. In this doc­u­men­tary The Art of the Steal you see one of the great­est heists ever in the cur­rent art his­tory. Read more…

10 Jun

The world’s favourite mix show


New music is mostly lis­ten­ing to new albums and hyped tracks. 2 hour long essen­tial mixes are also a way to dis­cover new sounds.

Some­times an album is only enough for 30 min­utes of ear plea­sure. That’s why I started lis­ten­ing to essen­tial mixes. The world’s favourite mix show of Pete Tong at BBC 1.

We are already keep­ing an eye on Bonobo for a few years. Recently Bonobo dropped his Essen­tial Mix and it’s one of the best one yet. If you would like to lis­ten to more nice essen­tial mixes. Check the ones from Maya Jane Coles, Dis­clo­sure, Rustie, Jacques Lu Cont, MSTRKRFT, Erol Alkan, Kolsch, Noisia, Alex Met­ric, Duke Dumont, Hud­son Mohawke, Fly­ing lotus, Four Tet, Jamie XX, Boys Noize, Diplo, Carl Cox, Aero­plane, Brodinksi, Bloody Beet­roots, Jus­tice, Nico­las Jaar, Gaslamp Killer, Richie Hawtin, and Hot Chip,

9 Jun

Reset the Net


Don’t ask for your pri­vacy. Take it back. It has taken to long to get an alter­na­tive. We are going to Reset the Net. Read more…

5 Jun