Learn languages with Duolingo

boyswithbeards learn duolingo

Under­stand­ing the world begins with speak­ing the lan­guage. Duolingo gives us the pos­si­bil­ity to let us speak with each other. Read more…

13 Mar

Independent music of BIRP!


The never end­ing cir­cle of under­ground music get­ting main­stream is exhoust­ing. One of those places to dis­cover new sounds is BIRP!. Read more…

3 Mar

Klaxons x Twin Flames


Some­times you real­ize the world is get­ting weird. After you’ve seen the music video for the track Twin Flames by Klax­ons you will feel like that. Read more…

21 Feb

Person of Interest vs. The System


We are fas­ci­nated by the sys­tems around us. Per­son of Inter­est is the serie which explains the biggest Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence on the planet earth. Read more…

20 Feb

Glance x Concerco


It’s just walk­ing by. In a glance it will hap­pen. A glance that’s worth a ‘thou­sand’ thoughts. Read more…

13 Feb

Broken Bells x After the disco

Broken Bells_afterthedisco_boyswithbeards

As a long­time fan of Bro­ken Bells I was wait­ing for the new album After the Disco. Read more…

6 Feb

Mary and Max with the voice of Philip Seymour Hoffman


I like good sto­ries, that’s why I always try to find the pearls between the mov­ing images all around us. A few years ago I dis­cov­ered the film Mary and Max. Read more…

4 Feb

Thanks for sharing your R-rated Memories


We organ­ised our very first R-rated Mem­o­ries expo/party. At the 11th of Jan­u­ary 2014 we opened the expo inspired by Paul Ver­ho­even with a party and music of Seti­sound, MikeyN­ice and Stijn Sadée.

Paul Ver­ho­even directed films like Turks Fruit, Sol­daat van Oranje, Spet­ters, Flesh & Blood, Robo­Cop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Show­girls, Star­ship Troop­ers, Hol­low Man and Zwart­boek.

Cult-icon and Dutch film direc­tor Paul Ver­ho­even inspired the illus­tra­tors Aslan Malik, Ben Van Brum­me­len, Ben­jamin Marra, Bobbi Oskam, David Arntz, Devin Kraft, Frau Isa, Irkus, James Stayte, Jawgem, Jim Rugg, Kyle Smart, Lennard Kok, Levi Jacobs, Luke Ram­sey, Manuel Kil­ger, Menze Kwint, Merel Cre­mers, Michel Bruys, Min Sin Ho, Nico­las Beau­jouan, Nik Van Es, Nina Fer­nande, Rik Wiel­heesen, Rob Kemerink, Rob­bert Ger­ards, Rut­ger Ter­mohlen, Scott Balmer, Sjors Tom­low, Stik­stok, Van Orton, Vonik and Zenk One. Thanks for all the great illustrations!

This is what hap­pened at Ams­ter­dam Roest. Thanks for shar­ing your R-rated Mem­o­ries inspired by Paul Verhoeven!

3 Feb

The most sexy R-rated memories


Paul Ver­ho­even (Total Recall, Robo­cop, Show­girls etc.) fas­ci­nated us for a long time with his movies and that’s why we organ­ise a party and expo at Ams­ter­dam Roest. Read more…

8 Jan