Independent music of BIRP!


The never end­ing cir­cle of under­ground music get­ting main­stream is exhoust­ing. One of those places to dis­cover new sounds is BIRP!. Read more…

3 Mar

Klaxons x Twin Flames


Some­times you real­ize the world is get­ting weird. After you’ve seen the music video for the track Twin Flames by Klax­ons you will feel like that. Read more…

21 Feb

Person of Interest vs. The System


We are fas­ci­nated by the sys­tems around us. Per­son of Inter­est is the serie which explains the biggest Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence on the planet earth. Read more…

20 Feb

Glance x Concerco


It’s just walk­ing by. In a glance it will hap­pen. A glance that’s worth a ‘thou­sand’ thoughts. Read more…

13 Feb

Broken Bells x After the disco

Broken Bells_afterthedisco_boyswithbeards

As a long­time fan of Bro­ken Bells I was wait­ing for the new album After the Disco. Read more…

6 Feb

Mary and Max with the voice of Philip Seymour Hoffman


I like good sto­ries, that’s why I always try to find the pearls between the mov­ing images all around us. A few years ago I dis­cov­ered the film Mary and Max. Read more…

4 Feb

Thanks for sharing your R-rated Memories


We organ­ised our very first R-rated Mem­o­ries expo/party. At the 11th of Jan­u­ary 2014 we opened the expo inspired by Paul Ver­ho­even with a party and music of Seti­sound, MikeyN­ice and Stijn Sadée.

Paul Ver­ho­even directed films like Turks Fruit, Sol­daat van Oranje, Spet­ters, Flesh & Blood, Robo­Cop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, Show­girls, Star­ship Troop­ers, Hol­low Man and Zwart­boek.

Cult-icon and Dutch film direc­tor Paul Ver­ho­even inspired the illus­tra­tors Aslan Malik, Ben Van Brum­me­len, Ben­jamin Marra, Bobbi Oskam, David Arntz, Devin Kraft, Frau Isa, Irkus, James Stayte, Jawgem, Jim Rugg, Kyle Smart, Lennard Kok, Levi Jacobs, Luke Ram­sey, Manuel Kil­ger, Menze Kwint, Merel Cre­mers, Michel Bruys, Min Sin Ho, Nico­las Beau­jouan, Nik Van Es, Nina Fer­nande, Rik Wiel­heesen, Rob Kemerink, Rob­bert Ger­ards, Rut­ger Ter­mohlen, Scott Balmer, Sjors Tom­low, Stik­stok, Van Orton, Vonik and Zenk One. Thanks for all the great illustrations!

This is what hap­pened at Ams­ter­dam Roest. Thanks for shar­ing your R-rated Mem­o­ries inspired by Paul Verhoeven!

3 Feb

The most sexy R-rated memories


Paul Ver­ho­even (Total Recall, Robo­cop, Show­girls etc.) fas­ci­nated us for a long time with his movies and that’s why we organ­ise a party and expo at Ams­ter­dam Roest. Read more…

8 Jan

We listen to Broke for Free

broke for free

This is the last day of 2014. We don’t gonna annoy you with lists and ‘best of 2014′ stuff. We want you to intro­duce you to Tom Cas­cino aka Broke for free. Read more…

31 Dec