A view from the Watchtower of Turkey


It’s vacation time for the most people around us. The few weeks where we work our ass of all year. Read more…

27 Jul

Better Call Saul


After Breaking Bad was finished, Vince Gilligan (the ceator of the awesome tv series) started to develop a prequel with one of the characters; Saul Goodman. Read more…

23 Feb

Part of the Weekend Never Dies


For everyone means DJ means something different. There is still something to discover in history. This time I came across this documentary made of the two brothers behind Soulwax and 2manydj’s.

The two brothers are the big force behind these awesome music. They are a DJ gift to the world with beautiful raw electro music. Rocking in the free world or snare beats and wild woman. The documentary gives us a funny view into the life of these great artists.

31 Dec

Predestination; To save the future he must reshape the past


What happens when you already know the future? It’s a question which they answer in Predestination. Read more…

30 Dec

Boiler room knows what you did last night


There are people who are going to club to be seen. Boiler Room makes good use of this fact by recording the artist with an invite-only audience in mostly private locations. Read more…

5 Dec

Kids; If you want to be happy, don’t think


A film feeling like a documentary is the ultimate goal for a good story. Larry Clark did this with the film Kids. Read more…

3 Dec

Watchtower of Turkey


People talk too much. Sometimes images are just enough. This video makes you want to shut up. Read more…

1 Dec

Utopia: The best TV series for conspiracy hunters


After a long search for a new serie to binge watch, I heard from a friend about the conspiracy thriller television serie Utopia. Read more…

10 Nov

The wonders of the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Till today I’ve never read the Marvel comics but I’m a a big fan of the Marvel Universe. Every superhero movie which is released shows us this fictional universe I’ve watched with a lot of pleasure. Read more…

5 Aug