How Jakarta Records shows pure passion


A few months ago I discovered Jakarta Records. It became my new place to find new tunes and to get inspired. Read more…

12 Jan

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It


Bitcoin brings the open source to money. Read more…

4 Jan

Narcos: There’s no business like blow business.


Yo soy Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.” That’s where one of the biggest drugsdealers opens with when he meets the people who are trying to stop him.

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16 Nov

Fresku – Nooit Meer Terug


Hiphop in the Netherlands is big, how big? Just big enough for Fresku.

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11 Nov

For Your Information: Last Week Tonight


In a world where we are getting an overload of information, Last Week Tonight informs us in a funny and entertaining way.

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9 Nov

Secrets of Silicon Valley


I’m a techie. What does that mean? Reading everyday blogs about technology, stay close to new inventions and watch a lot of movies about the tech future.

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24 Sep

The moment skating gives you new insights


Summer means outside. Outside means enjoying the sun. How I enjoy the sun the most? Playing nature with your body by skating. Read more…

7 Sep

Comet: When love makes no sense


The well-written film “Comet” shows how the doubt of love can lead to self-destruction. Read more…

4 Sep

A view from the Watchtower of Turkey


It’s vacation time for the most people around us. The few weeks where we work our ass of all year. Read more…

27 Jul