Abby x Monsters


Visual eye candy directed by Pooya Abbasian is giv­ing us a unique inside of the story about Abby.

This is the story of Abby, an iso­lated girl who has been sub­merged in the world of her own tur­moil and para­noia, where the line between real­ity and night­mare is grow­ing thin­ner and thinner.

The track Mon­sters is the orig­i­nat­ing from the album Friends & Ene­mies from the Ger­man group Abby. When you want to hear some­thing nice indie-electro. Abby is worth listening.

8 Oct

Escher Meets Islamic Art x Tropenmuseum


In col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Tropen­mu­seum we made ani­ma­tions for the exhi­bi­tion Escher meets Islamic Art. Read more…

3 Oct

Boom Bip x All Hands


Life. Life mostly begins with mak­ing love. Mak­ing love can result in life.

By show­ing images of two people’s con­nect­ing souls through their bod­ies gives us a cool insight to mak­ing love. In the video from Ian and Cooper we are spec­ta­tor from the trip of the jizz reach­ing for the egg. The video is told in a stun­ning visual way orches­trated by the dreamy music from Boom Bip and their track All Hands.

We love to mak­ing love. Let’s live.

2 Oct

Bagels for Breakfast x David Lemaitre


Last week we recorded David Lemaitre. Say what? David Lemaitre. A Ger­man group with a Boli­vian frontman.

Acci­den­tally we stum­bled upon their music. And imme­di­ately we where big fans. When we saw they were going to visit Ams­ter­dam we con­tacted and met them in ‘t Blauwe Thee­huis.

In the mid­dle of the Von­del­park they played “Pan­dora Express” for us and we recorded them while they pro­duced their Big sound in this small space. We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do. We are proud to present to this big beau­ti­ful Bagel.

26 Sep

Amélie Poulain, Je t’aime


One of my all­time favorite movies is Le Fab­uleux Des­tin d’Amélie Poulain. The story about a girl who lives in Mont­martre, Paris.

Amélie Poulain is an observer. She knows how the world works. With this know­ing she uses it for her own good. To gain love, for her and the peo­ple around her she uses Paris as her play­ground. So why is this the most beau­ti­ful film I have seen till this day? Because this is the film directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet which is explain­ing what we can adore in this world and how we can adore this world explained through the eyes of a wicked girl in Paris. Don’t for­get the sound­track made by Yann Tiersen who made it a classic.

When­ever you were think­ing of a Paris. Amélie Poulain is the French girl you will remember.

4 Sep

Innovation of loneliness


These days every­one is watch­ing their phone, tablet and other screens.

Star­ing the screen is some­thing we all do for fun today. Tex­ting and shar­ing our life and inter­ests has become the most nor­mal thing to do. It went from talk­ing to friends to shar­ing all your per­sonal details at the world­wide web. At the pub­lic place called the inter­net we like to snoop around and watch the pro­files from the peo­ple you don’t know. By always stay­ing in con­tact with every­one we don’t know what “alone” means. Alone mostly will trans­form to “lonely”.

In this video scripted, designed & ani­mated by Shimi Cohen the inno­va­tion of lone­li­ness is explained. For all the peo­ple who share, like and comment.

3 Sep

Sleep and the dream of Paprika


Dreams are all in our head. What if you could visu­alise those dreams and show them to other peo­ple? This is what hap­pens in the Japan­ese anime film Paprika.

By look­ing inside the dreams of other peo­ple using a device called “DC Mini” you can get cured from your bad dreams. The last film directed by Satoshi Kon was one of the big inspi­ra­tions of Christo­pher Nolan’s Incep­tion and Paprika also got a nice soundtrack.

Anime is a nice way to visu­alise dreams and Paprika is one of the beau­ti­ful results.

2 Sep

Life in Waste land


Throw­ing away your garbage is some­thing we always do. Where is your garbage going? Read more…

30 Aug

Because we like wearing Suits


When you are fin­ished with watch­ing films, there are always series to watch. One of those series is Suits. Read more…

22 Aug