Narcos: There’s no business like blow business.

16 Nov

Yo soy Pablo Emilio Esco­bar Gaviria.” That’s where one of the biggest drugs­deal­ers opens with when he meets the peo­ple who are try­ing to stop him.

He started as a small entre­pre­neur who saw an oppor­tu­nity. Slowly he grew into what he never could imag­ine. Like he him­self describes cocaine: “All nat­ural, organic and healthy, very good.” In Nar­cos we are fol­low­ing Colom­bian nar­cotics dis­trib­u­tor Pablo Esco­bar from Medellin on his jour­ney to power. In the jour­ney we also face the fear of los­ing the power. With those forces like the DEA agent Mur­phy who is nar­rat­ing the series you see how power can be an obses­sion and money can’t do noth­ing any­more. Like he says him­self: “I am not a rich per­son. I am a poor per­son with money.”

Take your time for this docu-drama and magic real­ism called Nar­cos. Slide your his­tory books aside and start watch­ing a very inter­est­ing his­tory lesson.

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