Free your mind and explore The Matrix

14 Mar

With the announcement of a prequel series on The Matrix, we are thinking with a lot of joy back to the first time we saw The Matrix.

Some days you get new insights in the meaning of life. The first time I watched (the 1st and best part of) The Matrix, this movie gave me such an insight in life. Neo (Keanu Reeves) is a hacker and discovers a new world. A world he has never heard of. We follow him on his journey through this new world.

What does this movie make unique? This movie is unique because it is made for the thinkers and at the same time also enjoyable for the blockbuster lovers. The Wachowskis also introduced the Bullet Time effect to the masses.

There is a difference knowing the path and walking the path. So follow the white rabbit and free your mind. But what is The Matrix? The Matrix is now and don’t forget everything is a rem(atr)ix.


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