Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas

26 Jun

The white tourist goes every­where. The whit tourist is well paid and can travel the whole world. They go to a travel agency and search for the most white beach they can find in the travel magazines.

Mostly they want to go to the places like Las Pal­mas where it is very hot with their whole fam­ily and just don’t think at the trou­ble at home. They don’t know any­thing about the stan­dards in other coun­tries and behave like mon­keys or more like babies.

The Swedish film direc­tor Johannes Nyholm has made some nice video which illus­trates this phe­nom­e­non. A white tourist on a white beach in the sun, get­ting drunk and par­ty­ing while every­body is watching.

Watch the full film over here an enjoy the behav­ior of the white tourist.

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