Bagels for Breakfast ft. Mister & Mississippi

02 May

In our videoserie of young tal­ented musi­cians play­ing on unusual places, we filmed Mis­ter & Mis­sis­sippi. The group of three guys and a girl play­ing on a very high place in Ams­ter­dam.

Mis­ter & Mis­sis­sippi won the Ams­ter­dam pop­prijs 2011 and is on their way to spread the folk rock to the rest of the world. We filmed Mis­ter & Mis­sis­sippi on Can­vas op de 7e where they play their song “Calm”. Enjoy your bagels and have a great breakfast!

While they where vis­it­ing Can­vas op de 7e, Jila Klop­pert also made pho­tos, you can check them over here.

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