Searching for Abby x Evelyn

16 Dec

Video is an one-way direc­tion. You watch and can’t control.This how it’s invented a while ago. With the intro­duc­tion of the inter­net this chang­ing. Slowly video’s are get­ting more interactive.

The user get’s more involved and can make their own deci­sions about what he or she want to see. After a few big projects of inter­ac­tive clips from google, also small bands are get­ting inter­ac­tive. The inter­ac­tive clip of Eve­lyn is a nice inter­ac­tive clip which let you choose what you want to hear on what moment.

Dur­ing the song Abby, you can select which instru­ment is play­ing the song. Check the inter­ac­tive clip coded by bleech over here.

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