Museum of obsolete objects

18 Sep

Unususe­ful. after a time is some­thing you used for a cer­tain act replaced by some­thing new and more use­ful.

First there was the fin­ger. After the fin­ger came the Quill. After the Quill came the pen­cil. After the pen­cil came the type­writer. After the now type­writer came the Per­sonal com­puter. After the Per­sonal com­puter came the touchscreen.

Because of all this evo­lu­tion, the most of the time you for­got what there was before. The guys from Jung Von Matt cre­ated a new Museum. In this museum you can relive his­tory and enjoy those old prod­ucts in the Museum of Obso­lete Objects.
In the museum at youtube you can watch short films you can see the demon­stra­tion of the obso­lete objects.

So what’s going to be obso­lete in the future?

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