Arcade Fire, who are they?

15 Feb

The Grammy’s, one of the biggest music awards in the world. A show with peo­ple who never had atten­tion can prove themselve.

Most of the time the Grammy’s are going to pop­u­lar school kids who have baby­faces and think they are the new Michael Jack­son. Dur­ing the show you got per­for­mances of peo­ple which you don’t like. For many peo­ple this year, there was one big sur­prise for all the empty head main­stream music lis­ten­ers. Are they stu­pid or just unknown? They called Arcade Fire. With their amaz­ing album and clip directed by Spike Jonze The Sub­urbs. We use to wait.

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  1. They won a grammy? Who the fuck are they? Who the hell is Arcade Fire and why did Lady Gaga win any­thing? Gram­mys suck ass!

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