Watching the birds

30 Dec

Some people like to watch birds, all day long. For hours they sit in the bushes, waiting for that one bird they’ve never seen before.

Unlike birdwatchers I don’t look at birds, I watch women. I don’t sit in the bushes but in the train, bus and metro.
So many women. Watching and searching for the one. The whole time I ask myself; “Is she doable?”

Do the women ask the same question about me? Am I doable?
Hell yeah, I am! What do they say? They say it more subtile. Oh yeah he’s so-o-o-o handsome!

Men only have girlfriends because they feel sexual attracted to them.
Does this also count for women? Are they also always sexual attracted to their friends who are boys?
Out of curiosity I asked a girl once and she said:
“I talk to every nice boy”.
“Yeah right” I said.

But what do I know? I’m just a man…
Watching birds is so much easier.

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  1. ik vind het wel leuk om naar deze foto te kijken (:

  2. arianie vet maat!! doe eens voor ooit.

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