We love moustache

05 Nov

We love to grow hair all over our face. Sci­en­tists like Charles Dar­win are a big inspi­ra­tion for us. The beard is a state of mind, an exten­sion of your personality.

After beards, a mous­tache is the most charm­ing facial hair. Cause mous­taches are great at catch­ing boogers and there’s always a place to store your milk for in the evening. You’ve got mous­taches in all kinds of shapes. You got painters, detec­tives, mas­ters, wrestlers and the all time favorite Mario.

I pre­fer the friendly mut­ton chops. You know, from the upper lip to the side­burns, so the most of your face is fuzzy. And this month there is an EXTRA GOOD rea­son to grow your mous­tache; It’s movem­ber, for char­ity and of course the girls.

Just let it grow, mo bro!

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  1. Im gonna grow a mo!

  2. Lets grow some mo, fo show

  3. YES! Kan ik anders ook vol­gend jaar mee doen? Wie weet heb ik dan baardgroei.

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