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What should I wear today?

13 Oct

When I walk across the street I see many different clothing styles. People reflect their identity in their clothes.
But there are many different ways to dress yourself. How can you fit in all these looks?

How to be excepted in all the different clothing styles? How can you do all this without spending a lot of money all the time? Sure, you can buy new fashion clothes every month and throw the old ones way. But this isn’t the solution. If you really want to be a good buyer and don’t want to throw your clothes away (except for when their damaged of course) you should only buy pieces of clothes in one color without any print or pattern. So buy your t-shirts, pants, shoes and other pieces of clothes from different models in different colors. You can always wear them in different combinations, you will stay timeless and fit in every fashion.

So, what should I wear today?

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  1. Just wear jeans and a white T . That shit is never gonna go out of fashion!