What would you put in a time capsule?

22 Sep

I really wonder what I would put in my personal time capsule.
You know a thing that can conserve all your stuff you bury the shit in your garden or something, so people from the future can find it and they will know in what kind of messed up time we lived in.

Okay I made a little list of things:

– Definitely porn. ( Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge with Jesse James. )
– Some pictures of Obama.
– An Ipod with Justice on it.
– Pictures of me. ( Hawt pictures ) ( I hope they’ll make a statue of me) (Maybe they’ll think everyone looked like me in 2010. )
– Arnold schwarzenegger movies. I want them future people to know who runs califlower.
– a Big Mac.
– The directions to my house.
– My phone number. ( Maybe they know how to call back in time. )
– My cat fluffy.
– A collection of great movies.
– The news paper.
– A picture of the pope with horns drawn on his head.
– Michael Jacksons nose.

That’s about all I can think off.

What would you bring?

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  1. a dead fish (Iwonder of it’s still there or when it’s gone if the smell is still there…)

  2. I would put in a Santa Claus so there will be no christmas for years and a Al-Qaeda terrorist so he can terrorise the future!

  3. lasagne van den aldi ( dat is de beste 🙂 )

  4. I would put climate change into the timecapsule. Let future generations deal with our present day problems!

  5. My grandma, she makes the best chocolate pudding in the world. So then those future people know that not everything sucked in 2010!

  6. Myself, so I can live further in the future.

  7. yo dawg, I heard you like time capsules so we put a time capsule in your time capsule so you can preserve junk for future generations while you preserve junk for future generations.

  8. Dont be such a nit wit. X to the Z.

  9. I would definitely put in a description of a supersecret technology which i’m sure of being invented in the future before the capsule is opened so that they can laugh at us superoldfashioned 2010 generation.

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