Boys with beards Promo

20 Sep

Today we’re opening our new website. A website where we will show you our thoughts, our experiments and soon your thoughts and your experiments.

So, why not open this great day with a A CANON 7D SHOT PROMO VIDEO?!

Special thanks to: Anda Nahumury (congrats with your BIRTHDAY), Sam Bierings, Albert Heijn (for the nasty products), Rachel, Iris, Eva, Marjolein and all the other people who helped out.

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  1. Very nice,
    especially the boy with the cornflakes & olive oil
    Good work!

  2. the shot at 00;31 is very stroboscopic!
    nice bezig!

  3. Zit er professioneel en gelikt uit jongens! Gefeliciteerd met jullie site.

  4. Thx Maarten, we`re going to make it our own thing! Already joined our twitter?

  5. I dont want to brag. But i really love the part where im naked and shit

  6. We all do Max…

  7. Ik zeg award winning. Ga zo door mannen. Succes met jullie onderneming.

  8. The guy who threw the cornflakes got some rad skills bitch

  9. Stelletje achterlijken, haha! Zit wel strak in mekaar.
    X Charlotte

  10. This is just awesome, you guys should do more of this. probs, probs, probs and even more probs.

  11. smaakt goed 🙂

  12. zit er professioneel uit boys, keep up the good work. especially you thomas..

  13. Jelle van der Heijden

    Keep up the good work!
    Goed bezig!

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